Sermon Series

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April 4, 2010
Identity
From April 11th to May 30th 2010
identityA look into what has made us who we are and what God has called us to become.
July 25, 2010
Back to the Future
From July 25th to August 29th 2010
back to the futureJoin us as we travel back in time and rediscover a handful of stories from the Book of Acts.  These stories not only show the powerful ways God worked in the early church, but the also teach us much about the value of  first century living in a twenty-first century world.
September 9, 2010
Snapshots
From September 19th to November 28th 2010
Snapshots2We are all two people: the person on the outside that we show everyone else and the person on the inside that only we get to see.  The first represents our desire (who we want to be) the other our reality (who we really are).  The greater contrast that exists between these two selves the […]
December 5, 2010
ADVENTures in Wonderland
From December 5th to 19th 2010
adventures2000 years after the fact it is sometimes difficult to recapture the excitement of the arrival of Jesus on earth, but imagine you were on the road to Bethleham, with the shepherds in the field or caravaning with the magi.  If you knew what was about to happen would you be able to survive the […]
January 9, 2011
Grace Jockeys
From January 9th to March 6th 2011
grace jockeysBecoming God’s Service Station.  God’s desire is to dispense His grace to all those who so desperately need it.  How do we become the attendants who connect this valuable commodity (God’s grace) with those who need it most –  those whose tanks are running on empty?
March 13, 2011
X Marks the Spot
From March 13th to April 24th 2011
Website SlideA look at the Mark’s record of Christ’s life will reveal some valuable lessons and treasured insight into God’s heart for people
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