Sermon Series

September 9, 2013
101
From September 8th to November 3rd 2013
What are the core truths of Christianity?  This series will take an overview look at some of the basic principles of Christian faith and examine how these principles are meant to affect our lives.
December 4, 2011
A Mile in My Shoes
From December 4th to 18th 2011
Take a look at the Christmas story through the eyes of some of the people who were there to see it all first hand.  Watch the arrival of the Messiah with fresh eyes as we walk a mile in the shoes of Anna, Simeon, Zachariah & Elizabeth, the shepherds and magi, and Mary & Joseph. 
December 5, 2010
ADVENTures in Wonderland
From December 5th to 19th 2010
2000 years after the fact it is sometimes difficult to recapture the excitement of the arrival of Jesus on earth, but imagine you were on the road to Bethleham, with the shepherds in the field or caravaning with the magi.  If you knew what was about to happen would you be able to survive the […]
February 29, 2024
And His Name Shall be Called
From December 3rd to 24th 2023
An examination of the names given to Jesus prior to His birth and what each one can tell us about His mission and God’s heart for humanity.
January 9, 2019
Any Questions?
From January 5th to April 22nd 2019
Some of Jesus’ most powerful teaching moments came not from telling people facts, but from simply asking them questions. The questions Jesus asks often lead us to the answers we have long been looking for, but only God can provide.
July 18, 2018
Are You Feelin’ It?
From June 23rd to August 27th 2018
Some feelings come and go, but others root themselves in our hearts and over time can become an inseparable part of us. Some of these rooted emotions can richly bless our lives, but others just fester and rot us from the inside out. God desires something so much greater for us.